We truly understand your struggle. We understand that you need a safe place to take a break and get your health together. That is what we are here for. With Crestview Drug addiction recovery program in Truckee, California, we have the tools and support you need to get back on your feet. Our addiction treatment facility in Truckee is a great place for you do work the steps in your recovery program so you can go back to your life as a strong, confident, and healthy person.


The first step in the process at our Truckee drug detox clinic will be to undergo supervised detox. This will allow you to safely and comfortably cleanse your body of the built up toxins caused from drugs and alcohol addiction. You will be supervised to make sure you are taken care of through this entire stage, you will not go through it alone. Since we believe you do not need to worry about anything other than your recovery, we make sure our drug rehab centers are secure and well taken care of. You will be able to focus solely on your recovery.


Our substance abuse treatment facility in Truckee is a wonderful place to build healthy relationships. Here we surround your with a community of people that understand your struggles. These people will be a positive light in your life and will also encourage you to keep going when you have those days feeling like you should give up. It is rare to find people who want nothing for you but success and happiness. With our extended support groups, you will be able to listen to the other stories and experiences of those in your new found community. You will be encouraged to share your own experiences without feeling ashamed or judged by anyone. These are people who genuinely care for you and do not want to see you succumb to relapse.


Our Truckee drug rehab facility specializes in dual diagnosis. This is important because your addiction is usually not the root of your issues. In many cases with addiction, there is an underlying mental illness such as bipolar disorder or depression. Life can be fulfilling when a mental illness is properly managed, but when it hasn’t been diagnosed yet or not properly treated, self-medicating will happen. This can then turn into a drug or alcohol addiction. Overall mental health needs to be treated, not just the physical withdrawals. When both issues are getting the proper treatment, you have the best possible chance of success in sobriety and recovery.

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Addiction recovery can be a tricky thing. Like most things, each person’s addiction is completely different. This is why during your stay at our Truckee addiction recovery center, we take our time to get to know you. We recognize you as a unique person with an individualistic story and your own experiences. Our Truckee addiction treatment center specializes in designing a treatment plan that fits you and your needs specifically.

In an addiction recovery facility, it is important to learn to speak openly and honestly. Sometimes in addiction, a person finds themselves hiding their actions and experiences because they are ashamed of anyone finding out. There is no shame here. Once you learn to be honest with yourself and others around you, you can truly begin to heal. Our facility is an amazing place to learn to be honest because you have your positive community and support in place. They will respect you as a person and even help you work through forgiving yourself and others for mistakes that have been made.

Addiction is a debilitating disease, and when you’ve been trapped in it, you quickly realize how difficult it is to break free on your own. You will be growing into a stronger person with each step you take, but you will not have to do it alone. We would love for you to join Crestview Drug Addiction Services in our Truckee facility.