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Fighting addiction can be a daunting process, but with the help of the friendly experts at Crestview Addiction Services, you can face substance abuse and successfully attain the goals you have set for recovery. We congratulate you for recognizing that you are in need of a quality addiction recovery program, and hope you will take time to consider all of the treatment options that we can offer you at our Avon, Connecticut substance abuse treatment facility.


The staff at our addiction treatment facility is dedicated to ensuring that clients receive the treatment they need to overcome addiction. When you enroll at our Avon, Connecticut drug rehab center, you’ll begin by taking part in an extensive interview. During the intake interview, we’ll gather information about your situation. The ultimate result will be a schedule for addiction recovery treatment that is customized to suit your individual needs for treatment.


We take a thoroughly modern approach to treating addiction, using evidence-based techniques that rely peer-moderated research. Our dedication to our clients includes a commitment to staying abreast of the most cutting-edge scientific research on addiction, allowing us to provide treatment in line with an up-to-the-minute understanding of substance abuse.


Did you know that almost half of those individuals who are struggling with addiction are also simultaneously facing a co-occurring mental health disorder? Making matters more complicated still is the fact that these individuals may not even be aware of the co-occurring disorder. Nevertheless, their addiction may have been exacerbated by attempts to self-medicate the unidentified co-occurring disorder. Fortunately dual diagnosis mental health treatment provides us with the opportunity to treat both the addiction and the co-occurring disorder, ensuring that the client has the best possible chance of maintaining their recovery.


Fortunately, the customized plans at our Avon, Connecticut addiction recovery center can account for any variety of circumstances. Just as no two people are identical, neither are any two substance use problems exactly the same. Because of this, our addiction treatment clinic takes the time necessary to craft a treatment protocol most likely to benefit the individual.


But there are still some universal aspects to our treatment program, which most clients who enroll in our program will take part in. One of these is group therapy. Clients are encouraged to speak freely in group therapy, allowing everyone to share in the recovery process. Although you might find the idea of sharing with the group daunting at first, it often becomes a favorite part of the recovery program for our clients.


Another aspect of the customized addiction recovery programs that we offer involves holistic therapeutic methods of treatment. This can vary wildly based on the needs of the client. For some clients, it may mean art therapy, for others, it might involve yoga. We will work closely with you to determine what therapeutic methods will best benefit you during your time at our Avon, Connecticut substance abuse treatment facility.

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