Crestview Drug Addiction Services New Orleans, LA, Addiction Recovery Facility

Drug rehab centers are designed to perform a number of important services that will facilitate clients back to health and allow them to return to fruitful lives with their family and friends. Our reliable substance abuse treatment facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, helps clients recognize their issues so they can begin to fight them. Every client is presented with a detox program that is supervised from beginning to end. In fact, the program has been structured so that clients will be able to begin improving their lives within the first few days. The Crestview drug rehab facility in New Orleans is designed to provide therapy sessions, mental health treatment, and aftercare solutions. When combined, each of these details will allow clients to heal holistically while making the effort to reestablish relationships with family and friends.

Group therapy sessions are generally scheduled so that clients can learn from each other. Addiction recovery, in fact, should never be attempted alone. Our New Orleans addiction recovery center makes sure clients can share both stories and helpful experiences. Professional counselors will make sure that everyone is provided with the safety and security they need to discuss hardships. People will have the chance to share feelings without being talked over by others. The end goal is to foster a sense of community that will remain intact once people leave the addiction recovery program in New Orleans and return to daily life.

Clients are encouraged to have a good attitude to make it through some of the more difficult segments of the detox program. In fact, being open to share a laugh with others can lighten the tension and allow the mind to find peace. In addition to group therapy sessions, clients will also be given the chance to meet privately with trained addiction specialists. Psychotherapists can generally perform assessments for new clients to determine if they require dual diagnosis mental health treatment. In all cases, our New Orleans addiction recovery center ensures that mental illnesses and substance abuse issues are treated interminably, which leads to a faster recovery.

The Crestview addiction recovery program in New Orleans ensures that dual diagnosis for mental health issues is done at the initial intake and throughout the program. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and a variety of personality disorders can present problems for clients. Once they have a diagnosis that can be placed on their illness, clients can begin to understand how their substance abuse is related to their disorder. Cognitive-behavioral therapy will work wonders for both anxiety and depression, and clients will be given tools they can use to seek different outcomes whenever they are having trouble coping with an issue.

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Aftercare programs are also heavily stressed at our New Orleans addiction recovery facility. When clients have completed the program, they will be given THE chance to take part in an aftercare program that will solidify their earned sobriety. Aftercare programs will consist of case management, therapy, and group 12-step meetings. When clients are able to take part in healthy activities such as book clubs or hiking groups, they will have a much better chance of maintaining their sobriety through the years ahead.

Our New Orleans addiction treatment center ensures that safe spaces are always available. If individuals are feeling anxious or nervous, counselors will reinforce that they have nothing to fear. The goal is to have everyone at the addiction treatment facility feeling safe and secure while they are going through treatment.

Ultimately, clients will be given every chance to succeed at our world-class drug detox clinic. With supervised detox, individuals will be guided through the process and encouraged to be proactive in their recovery. Once they have left the program at Crestview Drug Addiction Services, they can use their new skills to build a wonderful life for themselves.