If you or someone you care about is attempting to overcome their addiction, we want you to know about Crestview Drug Addiction Services, our drug rehab center in Humble, Texas. We are committed to providing our clients with the tools they need to defeat substance abuse and take control of their life once again. At our substance abuse treatment center, we’re waiting to provide you with the answer you’re seeking. Don’t continue to struggle with substance abuse — contact us today and begin progression toward your recovery goals.


For applicable clients, Crestview Drug Addiction Services is proud to offer dual diagnosis mental health treatment. When a client is struggling with addiction, they sometimes have a co-occurring mental health disorder that they are struggling with, as well. In fact, research suggests that roughly half of those who are dealing with a substance abuse disorder are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. When a client only receives treatment for their addiction, but not for the co-occurring disorder, they are at a higher risk of returning to substance abuse in order to self-medicate. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment circumvents this issue by provide the client with treatment for both the addiction and the co-occurring disorder.


We are also proud to offer a variety of therapeutic solutions. One method, which may be familiar to you already, is individual therapy. During these sessions, you’ll work alongside a therapist on a one-on-one basis to search deep within yourself and see how certain internal elements might influence your substance abuse. You’ll also take part in group therapy sessions. While some people find the prospect of meeting in a group to be daunting, many of our clients soon find that group therapy is one of their favorite parts of our addiction recovery program. During these sessions, you’ll meet with your peers at Crestview Drug Addiction Services and share your stories and wisdom with one another. Not only will you be happy to find how much you can learn from your fellow clients, you’ll discover how rewarding it can be to share your story with others at our substance abuse treatment facility.


We recognize that recovery does not end when you graduate from the substance abuse treatment facility. For that reason, we provide every client with an aftercare plan when they leave our drug rehab clinic. Just like every other recovery plan we provide to our clients, aftercare plans are customized to suit the needs of the individual. This means that your aftercare plan may look much different from someone else’s at Crestview Drug Addiction Services. While there are some common elements, such as 12-step programs and ongoing therapy sessions, we’ll ensure that your recovery plan is customized to fit your needs.
When you’re ready to receive treatment for your substance abuse issues, Crestview Drug Addiction Services in Humble, Texas is here to provide you with the tools you need. Get in touch with one of our addiction specialists today and we’ll get you the care you need.

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